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Sunday - Sherullah al-Moazzam 22, 1437 | June 26, 2016
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Ashara Mubaraka 1435 in Toronto
Published Date: Sunday - Zilhaj al-Haraam 23, 1434 | October 27, 2013
Moazzaz Mu’mineen of Toronto
Ashara Mubaraka na deeno hawe muqbeel che.
Aaliqadar Moula(TUS) in his Gadeer-e-Khum wa’az was very emotional and at the same time emphatic that all mu’mieen must attend all 9 Ashara Muabaraka wa’az in Hazrat-e-Imamiyah and if that is not possible, then in their own cities. Mu’mineen must be mindful of the wa’a’z timings, they must come on time. To do otherwise shows your lack of enthusiasm, seriousness and disrespect of these important days. A mu’min would do any thing to demonstrate his/her “fidagiri” for Imam Husein(SA). Aqa Moula(TUS) and His mansoos-agar are asking us as a small token of our “fidagiri” to attend all 9 wa’az on time and to do purjosh buka and matam for Mazlume-Kerbala- Aqa Husein(SA). 
1.    Ashara Timings
Zohar-Asr namaaz will be prayed at 1.30 pm sharp. Wa’az majlis will be mun-aqqeed immediately after. The wa’az will end about 15 min before magrib, matam will ensue till magrib.
Raat ni matami-majlis (20 –30 min) will ne mun-aqqeed immediately after the namaaz.
Salawaat niyaz will then be served.
Mu’mineen will disperse to go home by 7.00pm
2.      Ashara Wa’azeen
We are happy to inform you that Aqa Moula(TUS) has appointed Janab Ilyasbhai saheb Najmuddin to perform ashara wa’az in Toronto. We welcome Ilyasbhai saheb to Toronto and pray that Allah gives him quwwat and yari – be-hakke Bewe Moula(TUS) – to carry out this important khidmat.
3.     Ashara Niyaz
Shk Mustafabhai Master and his family has got the sharaf of hosting Niyaz-e-Husain(SA) in Toronto in 1435H. We offer mubarakbadi to him and his family on this great sharaf. He and his family cordially invites all mu’mineen including mehmano to all the niyaz. It would be your ehsaan on them if you would accept their izan. 
Let us beseech Allah Subhanahu to grant Aqa Moula and his mansoos-agar a long life ta qayamat in sehat and aafiyat and give us tawfiq to spend maximum time during Ashara Muabaraka in Husein Imam(SA)’s buqa and matam, aameen.  
Abeede Syedna(TUS)

Moula TUS Akhbar
Aaj No Din

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