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Moazzaz Mu'mineen of Toronto Baad afzalusalaam Besides the masjid parking at the front and the back, you can also park at the following spots: 1. The mall next door is allowing us to park only on the south side of the plaza adjacent to the masjid. Please do not park anywhere else and especially not in the center of the mall. The cars parked in the restricted zones, might be towed away. 2. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can park at the Montessori school which is south of the masjid
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Moazzaz Mu’mineen of Toronto Baad afzalusalaam We wish to remind all mu’mineen of Toronto that as per Aqa Moula(TUS)’ khushi mubarak, we will aqd Wa’az majlis in the morning. Here are the Wa’az and Raat Majlis timings: Wa’az: 8.00 am – 10 am every day except Yaume Ashura. Fajar namaaz at 7.00 am followed by marsiyah will be completed by 8.00 am. Aqa Moula(TUS)’s wa’az relay from Surat, when and at what time, will be announced onc
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Saturday - Muharram al-Haraam 2, 1436 | October 25, 2014
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